May 31, 2018

Open & Welcoming

  • The Hylant Building Renovation

    An iconic example of international style architecture, the Hylant Building is creating a more open, inviting environment for employees and visitors. The improvements, scheduled for the months of May, June and July, will uplift accessibility, starting with replacing two sets of revolving doors with traditional side-hinge doors. A re-oriented welcome desk will offer a friendly greeting to building patrons.

  • Highlight Existing Materials

    The renovations aim to restore the original design intent of the mid-century modern building and more seamlessly connect the interior and exterior environments. The existing terrazzo flooring will be revealed by removing the circa-1990s carpet. The original blue mosaic tile walls will also be highlighted with new accent lighting.

  • Forge Stronger Connections

    With the interior glass partitions removed, visitors can move easily from the entrance to elevators or the re-designed café. Promising a more streamlined customer experience, patrons will move more intuitively through the restaurant and into a variety of lounge and bistro-style seating options. The interaction between street and the interior is paramount as the design seeks to connect the two spaces and invite the public to come inside.