March 28, 2017

Pedestrians First: New Hartwick Way

  • Summer Site Improvements

    Repurposing Hartwick Drive into a pedestrian friendly experience has been a priority of Hartwick College since the Campus Master Plan was approved in 2012. Located in the center of campus on the slopes of Oyaron Hill, Hartwick Drive offers breathtaking views of the Susquehanna River Valley.

    After a 6 month planning process lead by The Collaborative with input from Hartwick students, faculty and staff, the College is ready to move forward with the reconstruction of Hartwick Drive into a desirable pedestrian walkway that welcomes visitors and transforms the center of campus into an energized outdoor space.

  • Creating a Campus Centerpiece

    With construction scheduled for summer 2017 and a construction budget of $3.5 million, once completed the project will:
    - Transform Hartwick’s campus core and gateway into a centerpiece
    - Celebrate the view of the Susquehanna River Valley
    - Expand opportunities for outdoor gathering
    - Clarify wayfinding
    - Uplift the local geology
    - Improve emergency and service access
    - Reduce maintenance