August 16, 2013

The Collaborative’s Co-Op takes next step

  • Super Co-Op

    Dubbed “Super Co-Op” during his second tour of duty with The Collaborative, Trey Meyer was an all-around architectural resource in the office. “I worked for a lot of different people. I learned that each principal has his own focus and way of working,” Trey fondly explained.

    In 2011, Trey joined The Collaborative for six months as part of the co-op requirement for his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati. After graduating in 2013, he returned to The Collaborative for another 4 month stint.

  • Meaningful Work

    The Collaborative prides itself on creating a high-quality experience for co-op students. “We purposely seek out meaningful ways to engage these up-and-comers,” said Ray Micham, AIA, Architect / Principal.

    Trey accompanied a project team to a client meeting at Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania. “I learned more about running a meeting just by observing than I could have any other way,” Trey said.

  • Strong Office Culture

    With an emphasis on work and play, The Collaborative regularly gathers for social activities. “I liked the Whole Office Meetings, which always had food and drinks, and a game afterwards. The best ones were in-office Putt Putt and Name That Tune,” Trey said.

    Trey will be attending Clemson University this fall, pursuing his Master of Architecture. He’s most interested in their Design-Build program, and is looking forward to Clemson’s hands-on semester following a construction project from permits to grand opening.

    Good luck Trey!