January 10, 2017

We’re here!

  • The move is complete!

    “We’re in a space that reflects our capacity for excellent design,” shared Jessica Hyde, ASLA, landscape architect with The Collaborative.

    The Collaborative is humming at our new One SeaGate location. The Home Team worked through the holiday break to complete furniture installation, unpack materials and set-up for business. Our 40+ employees made the transition the first week of January.

  • As hands-on architects and designers, our employees not only laid out the space, but also crafted and installed some fixtures. Michael Muse, AIA, architect and principal leading the project, designed, constructed and installed the light fixture above the work café.

    Other furniture pieces, like the 1500 pound bench near the front door, were designed by The Collaborative’s team and commissioned from outside craftsmen.

  • After just a few days in the office, employees are finding a rhythm to the space and its flexibility. Height-adjustable desks allow employees to sit or stand throughout the day. The conference rooms, work café and other escape spaces provide formal and informal space to gather or get-away as needed.

    With windows all around the studio spaces, all workstations enjoy views to the river and adjacent plaza. Our team is looking forward to warmer weather and taking our work outside.