For BGSU's new Union, The Collaborative teamed with Perry Dean Rogers in an architectural partnership.

Bowling Green, Ohio  The Collaborative, in association with Perry Dean Rogers, worked with BGSU to obtain their mission of the Student Union at Bowling Green State University - to be the heart of the campus, serving students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests. Because its mission was constrained by insufficient and inflexible space, BGSU elected to completely renovate the existing 100,000 SF student union and expand it by another 109,000 SF.

The “new” Student Union includes new meeting/conference areas, student organization and student affairs offices, food service, a new bookstore, a computer lab, a theatre and a multi-cultural area. The exterior architectural image reflects, in both proportion and materials, the surrounding buildings, thus allowing the Student Union to fit into the existing context, yet creating a sense of architectural direction for the future.