City requires Master Plan approval prior to College re-zoning.

Kalamazoo, Michigan  In early 2010, Kalamazoo College was ready to construct a new academic facility, but the surrounding City of Kalamazoo, Michigan, would not grant a building permit.  The City mandated Kalamazoo College re-zone from Residential to an Institutional Campus District before moving forward with new projects.  The re-zoning process required a campus master plan, defining a framework for development, while protecting the integrity of adjacent neighborhoods.

The College’s Master Plan Committee teamed with The Collaborative Inc, based on their master planning experience with diverse constituent groups.  Underlying the planning process was a contentious debate about installing stadium lights adjacent to a historic neighborhood.  Holding a variety of workshops, interviews and town-hall meetings, The Collaborative gathered input from both the campus and residents of the surrounding historic neighborhood.

Working with representatives from the City, neighborhoods and campus, The Collaborative Inc helped assimilate all views and create a plan for the next 10 years.  The City Planning Commission approved the Master Plan and re-zoning application. The College was then able to move forward with construction of both academic and athletic facilities.