Using conceptual graphics, the planning team helped the Master Plan Committee visualize campus improvement options.

Berea, Kentucky  A four-year liberal arts college, located in south central Kentucky, Berea College is a 125 acre campus with approximately 1,600 full-time residential students.  Based on the strategic plan, Berea engaged The Collaborative to: identify build-out plans; improve space allocations, distributions and utilizations; prioritize facility issues; develop a deferred maintenance plan; and expand upon Berea’s vision of a sustainable campus. 

Berea’s historic campus is an integral part of town, thus special attention was given to the context and development of the campus edges.  In an effort to further integrate campus and community, the master planning team developed strategies for pedestrian and vehicular flow while alleviating traffic issues.  Relocation of State Route 595 allowed the College to create a new east quad.

Major components:
•  New Science and Nursing Building
•  Pedestrian & Vehicular Strategy
•  New Athletic or Health/Wellness Building
•  Faculty/Staff Housing
•  New Student Housing
•  New Agrovillage
•  Major Academic Renovations