The new facility will bring together students in math, physics, science, IT and engineering to cross-pollinate ideas.

Piqua, Ohio  The key to America’s manufacturing comeback lies in developing an innovative and highly-motivated workforce ready to collaborate across disciplines to develop ideas, technologies and efficiencies ahead of overseas competitors.

In response, Edison Community College teamed with The Collaborative to develop a facility to equip Ohio’s workforce for the cutting edge of research and development.  In the new 39,000 SF incubator, students will gain hands-on experience cultivating an idea from concept to prototype, programming and robotics setup all the way through production.  With exposure to each step of development, students will be able to identify areas for improving existing technology and process techniques. 

The lab includes open manufacturing space, twelve classrooms, a video conference area, fourteen offices and four study rooms. 

Edison Community College is building a workforce ready to design, program and troubleshoot automated factories.  This holistic approach equips students to develop new products and manufacturing methods.  In the global market, it will position Ohio as a hotspot for innovation.