LEED Gold Certified, Hawkins is TPS’ greenest school to date. 

Toledo, Ohio  The design and educational team is most excited about the exponential effects of teaching young people about sustainability - in hopes that they adopt green practices throughout their lives.

The 59,911 SF project includes an on-site wind turbine, which generates supplemental power for lighting the school.  It also introduces students to the possibilities of alternative energy.

The commons/circulation spaces are available for special lessons surrounding the building’s unique systems. From the commons, students can view the wind turbine and monitor its production through a computerized modeling system. Also accessible from this point is the rain garden, for student observation in botanical science classes. Hawkins’ mechanical systems are expected to operate 20-30% more efficiently than current standards.

Collaborative initiated this LEED pursuit prior to the OSFC mandate, and Hawkins was completed within the standard, non-LEED budget.  Hawkins Elementary is an Allied Toledo Architects project, completed under the OSFC.