With a complete interior demolition and renovation, Owens transformed an existing adjacent facility into a first-class lab environment.

Toledo, Ohio  To address increased demand, Owens Community College hired The Collaborative Inc to design the renovation of the 95,000 SF former Penta Skills Center into home for Business classrooms and Nursing labs.

Key nursing areas include two human patient simulator (HPS) labs with hospital-style monitors. The HPS can be controlled from the instructor’s computer to show specific symptoms or conditions.  A medical assisting lab includes exam tables to train students to draw blood and take blood pressure, for example.  Two additional labs - one each for the LPN and RN programs includes 18 beds, with two 3-bed units, and two 2-bed units.  Designed in an open lab layout, the spaces offer visual contact between areas and teaming stations for group work.  Testing labs, with instructor viewing areas, allow students to demonstrate proficiency.  Other spaces include a small pharmacy, secured for limited access; a training headwall room with various equipment and simulated gases.

The building also includes 3 specialized computer labs for business classes, 40 classrooms, student lounge areas, and 60 faculty / staff offices.  The labs are designed with integrated lecture areas to allow for a variety of teaching/learning formats.