Lakeland teamed with a developer and The Collaborative inc to deliver this academic building in less than a year.

Kirtland, Ohio The Holden University Center at Lakeland Community College was established to offer an affordable and convenient way for area residents to earn bachelor and graduate degrees.  Lakeland is now host to nine partner colleges that allow students complete their degree at the new Center.

Located across the street from Lakeland’s main campus, the Center was designed to separate itself from the existing campus with its high-end appearance and technologically advanced amenities.  The goal was to make those pursuing advanced degrees feel like they were moving forward, even though they may be returning to the same campus they recently graduated from.

The 40,000 square foot Center was designed and built in roughly 11 months, and includes distance learning technology, touch whiteboards and interactive projectors.  Classrooms are also designed to be flexible in support of breakout groups and peer learning.

Lakeland Community College has the lowest energy footprint of any institution in the state. The Holden University Center is LEED Silver Certified.  The facility keeps pace with enhanced mechanical systems, insulation, glazing and LED lighting throughout.