Reflective of an urban alley, the space includes signage, balconies, and operable facades that link the restaurants with the indoor and outdoor dining environments.

Tallahassee, Florida  Florida State University asked The Collaborative to create a dynamic dining experience along Jefferson Street as part of a new residence hall.  The project reconsiders the campus dining experience by shedding the ubiquitous Food Court model and developing an individualized Micro-restaurant dining experience.  Four micro-restaurants will feature strong connections to both the Jefferson Street corridor and a shared indoor dining area.  Each restaurant has its own identity and seating area with display cooking stations and freshly assembled entrees.  A central kitchen will support the four restaurants with storage, raw food preparation, bulk cooking and ware washing.  Combined, the facility will provide seating for 360 indoors along with another 130 seats outside. 

The design supports blurred indoor/outdoor boundaries.  Each restaurant has a presence on both the interior dining space and Jefferson Street.  The activity of the four restaurants will contribute to an energized streetscape and enhanced student life options for this portion of campus, which has been historically underserved by dining options. As an added benefit to the community, it also provides a destination and dining opportunities for tens of thousands of Seminole fans that walk Jefferson Avenue on their way to Campbell Stadium.

The Collaborative is working with GRC Architects, the executive architect and design lead for the residence hall project.