Lorain, Ohio - At the height of its glory, this historic park was a booming urban oasis. Constructed around 1900, Lakeview Park offered beach access and shady respite to bus passengers and residents alike. Over time, Lakeview fell into disrepair. In an effort to bring Lakeview back to its former popularity, The Collaborative Inc and Lorain County Metroparks restored the unique identity of this turn-of-the-century park.

The design for the Park includes an Event Garden, with brick piers and ornamental metal gates for weddings and special events, a Memorial Garden to honor fallen heros, two outdoor amphitheaters, new site lighting, and display flower beds. The Park’s beach house, destroyed and rebuilt twice with influences not in keeping with the Park’s traditional feel, was redesigned and rebuilt, incorporating features reminiscent of the original historic facility. This major feature houses beach-level restrooms, changing rooms and concessions, all with modern amenities. At street level, the Bathhouse offers a multipurpose community room, café and gift shop.