An open-air shopping experience, The Town Center’s traditional architecture helps bring the development to life.

Perrysburg, Ohio  Levis Commons is a unique, top quality master planned community built on almost 400 acres. With 600,000 square feet of prime retail, entertainment and restaurants, offices and residential units, Levis Commons is one of the most exciting developments to take place in Northwest Ohio in recent years.

The Collaborative Inc served various roles, including Architect, Executive Architect and Landscape Architect with Dillin Corp. and Hill Partners through several phases of development at Levis Commons. A high-end destination, the Center includes retail and commercial establishments surrounding a pedestrian mall and “town center”.

The innovative mix of marble, limestone, brick and stucco were chosen to exude warmth and reinforce the welcoming feeling Levis Commons extends. Wide, airy sidewalks and roadways are meticulously landscaped, offering easy access to parking and walking, while pavers compliment the colors and textures of the buildings.