A high-level conceptual study to imagine the possibilities for EMU's Rec/IM program.

Ypsilanti, Michigan  Eastern Michigan University hired The Collaborative to explore multiple opportunities for recreational improvements that fit within three distinct budget tiers. Considerations were given to interior renovations, minor additions, major expansions and exterior recreational elements.

A five-story building currently dominated by 13 racquetball courts, the study explored options for reducing the number of courts to greatly expand cardio, fitness, strength training and multi-purpose areas.  The team also looked at options for expanded locker rooms, classrooms, climbing wall, interior tennis courts, expanded food/smoothie area and open lounges.

In addition to these programmatic elements, the study looked to improve the east and north entries, with an attempt to create a fresh identity to help strengthen the Rec Program.  The proposed addition to the north would reinforce the student-life focused spaces around the pond, taking its cues from the recently completed Student Center.  Outdoor volleyball, basketball and Frisbee golf could be located in this active zone.

The Collaborative is currently awaiting the EMU Board of Regents determination as to whether or not this project will move forward.