Student facility infused with light, transparency

Dayton, Ohio The Collaborative developed the original master plan study for this facility, which evaluated the feasibility of renovating the existing student union and significantly expanding the recreation areas. Following that study, WSU selected The Collaborative to implement this 165,000 square foot renovation as one of the initiatives identified.

Composed of a series of additions over the past 50 years, the building lacked a cohesive identity. The design takes the existing spaces and engages them in a new relationship. By introducing a sense of transparency that the old building lacked, the “new” Student Union/Rec Center now has a more intuitive circulation pattern. The introduction of color adds excitement to the previously institutional white spaces.

The design reenergized  the two-story core atrium by placing transparent and translucent spaces around the perimeter. The atrium draws upon the energy of the surrounding spaces, which include student organization offices, fitness center, climbing wall and lounge with big screen TV. The student traffic to each of these areas contributes to an active, lively atmosphere in the atrium. Putting the student organization offices in an accessible, translucent area allows for greater student engagement and awareness. Glass partitions allude to the activity and energy within, while providing privacy for the office workers and fitness center patrons.

The "new" building also houses administrative offices, multipurpose rooms, bookstore, food court, natatorium, gymnasium, racquetball courts, gaming area and locker rooms.