Toledo, Ohio - The Swan Creek Riverwalk in downtown Toledo provides a pedestrian/bicycle route, via a combination of sidewalks, boardwalks, and overlooks, that links together several of Toledo’s major attractions.

The project consists of three sites. At one site a boat ramp and landing were connected to the existing boardwalk near a popular outdoor market. Site B saw the development of a new walkway along the northwest bank of Swan Creek. Mounding along Summit Street provides a visual screen from the traffic, and seating areas were developed along this area to overlook
the water. Extensive planting and light fixtures were also added.

A boardwalk connection of approximately 300 feet along the southeast side of Swan Creek was located at Site “C”. The boardwalk extends over the bank in several areas, providing ideal places to overlook the Creek, and pulls back in other locations, creating places for seating and resulting in a more interesting walkway experience.