Columbus, Ohio  The 390,000 SF upscale retail center has been designed to create a pedestrian-oriented, innovative shopping experience.  The outdoor mall features a collection of attractive retail stores aligned along pedestrian-only walkways (Promenade Spaces).   Access to the Promenade Spaces is provided from well-defined, visually appealing entry plazas.

The Gallery Spaces are arranged in an easy-to-navigate rectilinear pattern.  Attractive courtyards with seating and landscaping occur where the Promenade Spaces intersect.  Portions of the Promenade Spaces will be covered with a steel framed, translucent paneled roof that adds to the pedestrian experience, keeping out weather while letting in light.  The Promenade Spaces will be landscaped with attractive lighting, benches, trees and shrubs so that pedestrians feel safe, comfortable and are encouraged to shop and stay longer.

A high degree of architectural quality will be the standard for all retail buildings, with articulated entries, roof lines, fenestration, facade treatment and details.