The upscale retail centre creates a pedestrian-oriented, innovative shopping experience.

Halton Hills, Ontario  Premium Outlets | Simon, is the world’s largest developer, owner, and operator of manufacturer’s outlet centers. Their challenge to the design team was to create a racetrack-style shopping centre incorporating a regional architectural theme that embodies an upscale shopping experience.  The design follows a contemporary interpretation of a cosmopolitan international style. The style is marked by uncluttered lines, smooth surfaces, flat roofs with broad overhanging eaves, glazing juxtaposed against varying façade articulation, solid construction, craftsmanship, and discipline in the use of material layering.

The outdoor mall features a collection of attractive retail stores aligned along Pedestrian Gallery Promenades.  Access to the Pedestrian Promenades are provided from six well-defined and visually appealing Entry Plazas.  The Pedestrian Gallery Promenades are arranged in an easy-to-navigate rectilinear pattern.  Attractive courtyards with seating and landscaping occur where the Pedestrian Promenades intersect. 

Portions of the Pedestrian Promenades are covered with a steel framed roof and include attractive lighting, benches, trees and shrubs so that pedestrians feel safe, comfortable and are encouraged to shop and stay longer.

Highway 401 access to Toronto Premium Outlets site is from two primary points.  Within the site, drive aisles lead to a ring road that completely surrounds the Central Plaza.  Pedestrian movement follows a series of tree-lined walkways that extend throughout the site and connect with the Central Plaza.  The Central Plaza contains all of the Retail Suites and Food Pavilion is designed for pedestrian-only access.